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I empower people to realise their potential through building awareness, responsibility and action toward positive, lasting change. Explore your strengths, gain insight into development opportunities and unlock your full leadership potential.

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About Fiona Flemington

I am a qualified and experienced Executive coach and since starting my own business in 2014 I have had the privilege of working with a number of senior leaders across a range of organisations and business sectors including; financial services, manufacturing, food & media retailing, telecommunications, insurance, construction, public sector, and professional services.
I have also worked in Education, offering Executive coaching to Executive Heads of growing MAT’s, Head Teachers and their senior leadership teams.

My coaching style is pragmatic and I work in partnership with clients to create solutions that truly provide value, both for the business and the individuals involved. Using a range of techniques, I work collaboratively with clients to raise their self-awareness and provide new insights which will enable them to identify and remove barriers to success. I am an intuitive and empathetic coach who regards it as a key element of my role to challenge my clients so they can seek solutions that are effective and sustainable for them.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is almost an entirely forward-looking process which helps you get from where you are now to where you want to be – and faster than you would do so working on your own. I work in partnership with you to maximise your professional and personal potential.

I conduct my Executive Coaching as a confidential and safe space that helps you develop and improve self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve your development objectives, and unlock potential. This is facilitated in a non-judgemental process that leads to action and better results.

My role is to enable you to feel confident and empowered so that you feel in control and able to find creative and resourceful solutions to your challenges, and take personal responsibility for your actions. The agenda for Executive Coaching always comes from you and the choices you may wish to take.

Ultimately, Executive Coaching encourages new ways of thinking and invites you to view your situation from a different perspective. For organisations dealing with rapid growth, extensive change, increasing workloads, high expectations and a changing leadership landscape the coaching process will often lead to greater profitability and increased productivity resulting in a positive return on investment.

Leadership Development

Individually and collectively, we experienced a year unlike any other in our lifetimes. We are leading and managing people and our teams via a flat screen as we try to navigate our way through both a world and business pandemic. Never has leadership been needed more, yet trying to lead when you’re not in the room with people, is like trying to lead with one hand tied firmly behind your back.

Leaders must show empathy, understanding, patience, resilience and continued support to their employees as they navigate their way through an ever-changing leadership context. Leadership is hard, but right now it is even harder when it’s during a global pandemic.

Quite often, we are promoted because of our excellent technical competence, but we can become a poor leader if there is little or no investment in our development as we transition and move away from our comfort zone of knowledge and expertise, to one of leading and managing people, who perhaps previously we were their peer. This can present several challenges and it is not unusual for a newly promoted leader to really struggle in the first 6 months in any leadership role, if the right support and development is not in place.

When people are given the opportunity to develop their leadership skills they not only grow in confidence, but feel capable to perform in the role, to the level that is expected. They will communicate better, improve their working relationships, develop trust between them and the people they lead, make better decisions, win hearts and minds, whilst staying resilient in times of adversity and increasing change.

Team Development

Not finance. Not Strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate completive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare. In a rapidly changing global economy, it is crucial for any organisation to equip its employees with the skills they need to remain agile as they respond quickly their customer’s ever-changing needs, build strong relationships, develop trust, continue to innovate, as well providing the right skills that will prepare employees for what is needed from them, both now and in the future.

Due to the pandemic, this area has now picked up speed even more rapidly. I’ve been helping clients to develop their teams (virtually) so that they are ‘future fit’, agile and able to deal effectively with the increasing complexities and demands of both the organisation and its key stakeholders. It has also proved rather difficult to engage teams when for the past 12 months you have only been in the same room as them on a handful of occasions.

Team development helps teams achieve more together, improve engagement and get results. It helps teams engage and improve relationships with their stakeholders, develop their collective leadership and adapt more of a team mindset. The role I play is to help focus the team on how they can build trust, explore any unresolved conflict, gain commitment, be clear on both individual and team accountabilities, so that the team delivers and sustains both its performance and expected results.

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