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I empower people to realise their potential through building awareness, responsibility and action toward positive, lasting change. Explore your strengths, gain insight into development opportunities and unlock your full leadership potential.

The Insightful Coach Fiona Flemington, Executive Coach

The Insightful Coach, Fiona Flemington, is a professionally qualified Executive Coach and Leadership Development specialist with over 25 years’ experience of developing leaders at every level.

Executive and development coaching is something by which all individuals can benefit from using at any stage of their career. Coaching is flexible in its use and can help build resilience, develop leadership capabilities, deepen self-awareness, boost performance, increase your problem-solving abilities and fine tune your existing strengths.

In the early days, coaching was more associated with remedial needs but is now widely recognised for its positive impact on professional and personal development. It is now regarded as a perk, to becoming an expectation of what good employers should be offering all employees irrespective of their job level.

Fiona has a wide range of experience and knowledge in coaching, so whether you are at a stage in your career where you are transitioning between roles and responsibility levels, feel stuck in a rut, or maybe just want to find more effective ways of working with change, then coaching is something that can facilitate personal growth and confidence that will make you, the team and organisation thrive.

A great introduction to how Fiona shares her breadth of knowledge and how it applies to those looking for new ways of thinking and working can be experienced in one of her “Bringing Books to Life” sessions. These 90–minute sessions, from a selection of 20 books that Fiona believes offer substantial value to those who are seeking insights to change, inspiration and a guide on to how to do it. Fiona condenses the content of the books and highlights the most useful points for the time poor executive and leaders.

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